October 6, 2014 Freebies

Textures are beautiful, They can be a powerful force when presented in any type of design, adding visual interest and more detail. However there are a lot of types of textures, They generally can be grouped into two categories based on their method of creation. Some textures are created manually with basic hand tools and traced with the help of a software. And some mainly generated using a software.

Making of:


In this set each texture is a result of hours of crafting and tracing, All textures are homemade, Using some basic stuff such as Oil, Dust, Sand, inks and some photographed metal rust and old walls. Traced perfectly using Photoshop to maintain the randomness and sharpness of the texture, And exported with an ultra high resolution (4500x3000px) as PNG 100% transparent rgba(0, 0, 0, 0), All you have to do is drag the texture over your design or use it as a mask. For more detailed infos check the features below :

Features :

    • 20 PNG file 100% transparent rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)
    • 20 JPG file
    • Ultra High Resolution 4500x3000Px 300DPI
    • Perfectly traced (Sharp edges and gradient transparency)
    • High resolution Photoshop Brushes 4500x3000Px

Preview :





Written by Osama El Khalfaoui

I am Osama el Khalfaoui, VFX Artist/Graphic Designer, From Morocco Rabat, Living in Riyadh KSA, I’ve been using Photoshop for 9 years and I have a keen interest in VFX, Animation and Motion Graphics.