December 11, 2014 Freebies


Bakersfield is an elegant geometric sans-serif typeface of 11 weights plus matching italics.

Bakersfield draws inspiration from 1920s geometric-style typefaces by having clean and highly legible forms constructing the type. The family is characterized by excellent legibility both in print and on the web, a well-finished geometric design, highly precise kerning.

The font’s various weights gives it the power to fit in any type of design, web, print, motion graphics, and make it perfect for headlines and corporate design via web and interaction design through to product design.

Bakersfield-font-2bakersfield-font-weightsBakersfield-font-3 Bakersfield-font-4 Bakersfield-font-5

Written by Osama El Khalfaoui

I am Osama el Khalfaoui, VFX Artist/Graphic Designer, From Morocco Rabat, Living in Riyadh KSA, I’ve been using Photoshop for 9 years and I have a keen interest in VFX, Animation and Motion Graphics.